!! OMG, Kingdom come: Cassie’s ‘All My Love’ as fondled by Kingdom !!

LA producer Kingdom’s ginger minge is coming up a copper-cropper once again!
This time he’s fiddled around with Cassie’s track ‘All My Love’ from her recent #RockaByeBaby mixtape, to great avail.
I am listening to it with my eyes closed whilst sniffing my guinea-pig Harold, imagining that it’s Kingdom’s sweaty orange studio-bound ball-mound, I’m literally HUFFY THAT FURRY ORANGE SCROT’!

[via fader]

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1 Comment on "OMG, Kingdom come: Cassie’s ‘All My Love’ as fondled by Kingdom"

  1. Dear Duncan
    You are the reason I barely read this blog any more and have moved on to others that actually make sense and treat their readers as sensible humans. I used to read this daily, but you talk such “ball mounds” that I can’t bear it any longer.
    Matt UK

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