!! OMG, kinky: Marc Jacobs’ new man likes blood !!

We already knew Marc Jacobs was into long, steamy workouts and men in kilts, but it seems he might be into vampire kink, too… ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but the designer is rumored to be dating Brazilian porn star Harry Louis, who just happened to release this dumb video promoting his website (a .net mind you — like anyone uses .net anymore). The clip shows him pricking his finger on a rose thorn and playing with the blood. So, obviously, Marc Jacobs is into blood too, or something.
(via Queerty)

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2 Comments on "OMG, kinky: Marc Jacobs’ new man likes blood"

  1. This could also be a good add for testing your blood sugar!

  2. Ha, nice font… so dumb

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