!! OMG, lambs and lil monsters: When Mariah Carey met Lady Gaga !!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.23.15 AM.png

“Hey ladies, Merry F*cking Christmas. Love, Mariah and Gaga. This lady is so kind, such a star, and sounding legendary tonight at Beacon Theatre.”

I guess the most surprising thing about this meeting of the divas is that Mariah actually ACKNOWLEDGED who Lady Gaga was!
We would have bet our eggnog Christmas cake that Mariah would have pulled out one of these!:
anigif_enhanced-buzz-1195-1398800294-24.gifMaybe she just thought she was posing with a fan?

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  1. I think Lady Gaga is one classy woman. I wish I could see her with Tony Bennett! I saw him, another classy person, almost 2 years ago, and he’s still fantastic! Together in concert would be enchanting!

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