!! OMG, Let’s Play a Game: Lesbian or conservative trick? !!

Guess which of these couples is a pair of nice lesbian mommies. Hmmm… I’ll give you a moment to think about it.
Now guess which couple is a picture being used by the “Florida Family Policy Council” to scare Floridians about gay adoption!?
(Yes, it’s just as obvious as it seems! )
If you guessed wrong, you can always go hone your skills of lezzie detection by playing the classic Lesbian or German Lady game. Yes it’s from 15 years ago, but still so topical!
[Thanks to Jmzzz for the tip]

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3 Comments on "OMG, Let’s Play a Game: Lesbian or conservative trick?"

  1. But, but most lesbians I know look like the couple to the left accept way fatter.
    I keed I keed. (but seriously tho ladies.)

  2. ugh, weird! and annoying! it’s the right link and was working this afternoon; perhaps it got overloaded? maybe it will work again later.
    at any rate, the ellen and portia-ish couple on the right are the real mommies while the couple on the left is a totally fake decoy being used by crazy homophobes to demonize gay adoption.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with having a mullet!)

  3. sadly, your link (Yes, it’s just as obvious as it seems!) is not loading….tried it twice ;(

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