!! OMG, let’s take our shirts off and dance: ‘Empire State of Gay’ !!

As if you needed any more convincing to come to NYC and do gay things, here’s a lil’ taste to get you motivated. *But, for the record, as a gay person in NYC doing gay things, I have not in fact done any of these gay things. They all appear to require an extensive hat wardrobe, abs, and an appreciate for neon — none of which I can claim.

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  1. I’m also a New York gay but I imagined what it was like for someone who’s not one. Here are my assumed comments on their behalf: 1) Blech. 2) I want to go to New York so I can wear hats sideways, and tour those amazing places! TKTS! A subway car! A wall of graffiti! And Fire Island! NYC has it all! 3) Blech. (I’m upset at you, OMGblog, and myself, for giving that video an extra hit on Youtube.) For shame.

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