!! OMG, listen to the new Britney album: Circus !!

Britney Spears and her people decided to release her new Circus album a week early exclusively on imeem. Listen and download the whole thing right here.

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5 Comments on "OMG, listen to the new Britney album: Circus"

  1. bestt cd yet.. i love herrr!!
    i can’ttt wait to buyy thiss
    shes absolutely gorgeouss

  2. OMG, i LOVE “radar”; it was on blackout. I hope they release it as a single.

  3. Snooooooooooooor! Boring! She is looking hotter but her music is lame… very trashy US style… not very catchy, sounds tiny/hollow… poor brit i used to love her!

  4. This is crap.

  5. the album leaked like, two weeks ago.

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