!! OMG gossip: Robert Pattinson’s bedroom skills !!

Robert Pattinson first auditioned for Twilight in the bedroom. Just like we thought! [la rag mag]
Rihanna is America’s Next Top Model! [lovebscott]
Mark Wahlberg goes pee [papelpop]
Say it ain’t so… Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown back together? [dlisted]
Model Tyler Lough just keeps taking his clothes off [we love guys, link nsfw]
OMG will Bill Clinton replace Hillary in the New York Senate? [gay socialites]
Gay diver Matthew Mitcham is afraid to dive outdoors [outsports]
Artist Damien Hirst lays off half his staff [supertouch]
OMG Karl Lagerfeld finger puppets! Get one to match your Karl teddy bear. [towleroad]
Actor Matt Keeslar and his chest hair have aged well [hunk du jour]

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