!! OMG, listen to this: Mykki Blanco’s “Booty Bamboo” !!

Here’s something to tide you over until Mykki Blanco‘s mixtape drops in 2014. The draggy, gender-bending rapper had this to say about his time in music up until now, and where he’s headed this year:

Will hip hop ever accept me? Who gives a fuck. Will the gay community turn their back on me if I stop dressing in drag? Who gives a fuck. Will I get signed? Who gives a fuck. I did a world tour off the strength of soundcloud singles, a lo-fi mixtape and my first EP. I was out there, I saw the power of music and saw the power of love and now I just want to develop my music and have fun. People who fuck with Mykki Blanco fuck with Mykki Blanco no image or politics needed.
Light a blunt with your friends and listen to my new track Booty Bamboo. I feel free, I hope you do to.

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