!! OMG, listen to this: Todd Terje ‘Johnny And Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)’ !!

Todd Terje has teamed up with Roxy Music‘s Bryan Ferry to cover of Robert Palmer‘s “Johnny and Mary”, and if you’re used to hearing Todd create beautiful disco tracks, let’s slow it down for a second and appreciate him as a well-rounded producer, described in a wordy way only Pitchfork could express (coffee hasn’t touched these lips yet):

Opening with light flurries of starry synths and a bare, snapping beat reinforced by subtle low-end, Terje’s production meditates on the same wistful undertones in the original “Johnny and Mary”: melodies lilt and billow in slow motion, seemingly transfixed by the memories evoked through Bryan Ferry’s smoke-worn croon.

Todd Terje‘s It’s Album Time is expected to drop April 8th 2014, you can pre-order it HERE.

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