!! OMG, look at your wall color, look at yourself: The Colorscope !!

Whoa, shit just got deep. According to this colorscope, which highlights personality traits based on preferred colors, I am Lake: “You are very attractive, talkative and have beautiful, expressive eyes. One of your greatest assets is your sincere love for those around you. You are in touch with your emotions and help others get in touch with there’s” and Papaya: “A great champion of the helpless and a defender of the underdog, you have an amazing ability to get things done, as well as to fix things.” So, basically, I’m a gorgeous saint. Ha! Click the chart to enlarge and find out who you be.

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3 Comments on "OMG, look at your wall color, look at yourself: The Colorscope"

  1. Mine are more cream, but I chose Khaki… and it seems to be close to correct. Hmmmm

  2. The chart doesn’t have my colour (cream/off-white). From reading it, I think my walls should be a blend of peacock, night, bluebell and beet but other people think my walls should just be padded…..

  3. I think I’m a paper bag. That’s encouraging.

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