!! OMG, look who’s hot: Hanson !!

The first time I saw a Hanson video I was around thirteen years old, and I got in an argument with my cousin over whether Taylor Hanson (the middle one) was a girl. I was convinced that he was.
There is no such confusion anymore, as all three of these once gawky boys are now sexy young Christian men. To those of you disappointed that none of them turned out to be gay, take solace in the fact that being super-Christian is the next best thing.
I guess they’re making music again after a long hiatus, but I’m more excited by these photos, which you can see after the jump.

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7 Comments on "OMG, look who’s hot: Hanson"

  1. Taylor has been married for around three years ans has three kids, Jordan Ezra, Penelope, and River. Zac got married in June, and Isaac got married in Sept/Oct, which is so sad because I wanted to marry him!

  2. OH MY GOD!!! what happened to those 1996 kids??? OH DEAR, SOOOOOO HOT!!!

  3. holy cow. I was in love with Taylor Hanson when he was barely legal…now that he is he’s only hotter!

  4. Hey,
    long time reader, first time commenter.
    have you heard of the cliks? there this canadian queer/trans band that have a couple cds out. they’re playing in toronto tonight at the elmo and i was wondering what you think about them.
    great blog btw. if my boss only knew how much company time i spent reading you….ha. you brighten up my day.

  5. i didnt think that they could get uglier….but they did!

  6. Taylor is still the hottest one.

  7. Yeah, who knew the oldest one would get so hot? BTW Taylor has been married for YEARS. Probably has spawn by now and everything.

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