!! OMG, boyfriend: Genuine(ly Creepy) Ken !!

Barbie, please come back. Since your divorce, Ken’s got it in his head to date ALL OF AMERICA. Starting Jan. 18, eight men will compete in a reality show to be Genuine Ken: The Great American Boyfriend. Yeah, creepy — and that’s before you even find out what this show considers great boyfriend material.
Meet Leeron Cohen, or “Style Ken,” a 23-year-old student from Miami who obviously GTLed with the Jersey Shore folks when they hit Florida because, hello, over-waxed eyebrows. Or maybe that was 25-year-old mohawk-wearing “Party Ken,” Michael Pericoloso, whose profile says, “The one thing I wouldn’t leave [home] without would be my hair being done. As long as my hair is done, and I have nice shoes and pants on.”
As if these douchelords aren’t painful enough to behold, MTV’s own bubbly Barbie Whitney Port presides over the Ken-testants as the show’s host. And if you still have eyes after reading this post, tune in to Hulu.com next week to watch it all go down (in flames with Port’s career).
(via Gawker)

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  1. What’s the bet they’re as genital-free as Ken?

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