!! OMG, Mantyhose !!

Following hot on the heels of GUYLINER AND MANSCARA, here are some tips from e-MANcipate! on how to keep people from making fun of you for wearing pantyhose:

If you meet people you know, don’t try to avoid them: greet them, talk to them, as you would do in other situations. (Well, the situation is in fact the same!)
Act and behave as usual: this way you are communicating to others that you are in fact a usual guy.
Only a very few people will notice that you are wearing pantyhose. You should communicate with your clothes and behaviour that you are not there to show off yourself in pantyhose, but rather to do your regular business – shopping, walking etc. You may also wear support pantyhose at the beginning for more “legitimacy”.
Don’t wear anything unusual (apart from pantyhose of course), used clothes are basically better than new ones, and the more conservative style is the better.
Wear the same shoes that you would wear without pantyhose. Don’t wear your brand new shiny shoes as they would just draw attention to your legs.

Again, I’m all for wearing pantyhose if you wanna. This is just a pretty funny description of how to trick people into not noticing you wearing them.

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  1. this is just crazy.!! HA HA HA. i luv it. i guess only a real man wont care. i dont know…

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