!! OMG, massive layoffs: Christie’s !!

On New Year’s Day and for a couple days afterward I saw a lot of people writing “Excited about 2009!” and “2009 is gonna be fine!” and “Change is coming in 2009, this year’s gonna rock!” in emails and such, and I wondered, “What’s changed overnight? Where is this optimism coming from and why does January first make anything better?” And I was right in being a grinchy pessimist, as signs of anything getting better still aren’t showing up. One such example is Christie’s Auction House auctioning off their staff to the world of unemployment:

Effective January 12, 2009, we have begun a company-wide reorganization review, which includes the possibility of significant staff reductions, not renewing many consultants’ contracts and the continuation of other cost reduction initiatives, that will ensure we remain competitive and profitable in 2009. Any staff reductions that might be necessary will be implemented globally in accordance with local regulations and in as considered and timely a manner as is possible.

You know that if Christie’s is in trouble, we all are! I mean, if Christie’s closes, where on earth will I buy those Dutch Delft Tiles for my backsplash?

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