!! OMG, It’s Igor’s Look Of The Week, RETRO EDITION: Meet Bryan, the tennis player !!

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OOOOH, CHURL! Bryan “the tennis player” would be terribly awkward to chat to, but it doesn’t really matter, cuz he speaks with his BAWDY, honnay! And that’s why Bryan Is Igor’s Look Of The Week! (video is sort of NSFW-ish!?)

What it after the jump.

[via kenneth]

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  1. This routine was from a tape available via mail order in the 1980s. I ordered one out of an ad from a Playgirl I stole from the local bookstore. There were eight performers, each of whom did a routine stripping down to a jock or G-string followed up with a nude routine. No visible hardons, no overtly sexual contact. I don’t know how many times I watched this thing as a horny pre-Internet teenager. I can still hear the exact synth-filtered inflection of the announcer’s intro of my second-favorite: “And now, coming in for a landing, it’s STEVE! THE SPACEMAN!” My absolute favorite was a guy dressed as an Indiana Jones knock-off. He cracked a bullwhip a few times, did a fire eating bit and pulled an actual snake out of his pants. His big finish was hanging his hat off his groin but it wasn’t clear whether he had somehow stuck the brim to his body or was actually hanging it off his erection (I know which interpretation I preferred). I’d love to see the whole thing again some time.

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