!! OMG, music video round-up: Patrick Wolf, Kate Bush, Big Freedia, Azealia Banks & Florence !!

Once again it’s that time when we bring you all our favorite new music videos in one gloriously overwhelming shot. We’ve sifted through that Mountain of Shit otherwise known as YouTube to select only the gayest or gayest-interest music videos to cross our path of vision in the last few weeks. Up top is the latest from Patrick Wolf, whose Lupercalia album has sadly not received an official release in North America yet. No matter: yesterday he released an EP called Brumalia, from whence this stellar pop song “Together” came.

If you’ve read one of the many effusively positive reviews of Kate Bush‘s latest album 50 Words For Snow, you’re likely aware that one of the songs — “Misty” — is all about a woman that has sex with a snowman. Obviously she had to render that song in visual form.
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New Orleans bounce Queen Diva Big Freedia takes on her haters with the track “Na Who Mad.” Specifically, the haters jealous of her success. But to quote Drake, isn’t jealousy just love and hate at the same time? (Also to quote Drake: “Shout out the Asian girls, let the lights dim some.” Zing!)

This one from Azealia Banks is popular in the clubs and on the blogs right now. Something to do with a “cunt gettin’ eatin’.” Hook of the year?

Finally, here is the latest ridiculously mystical/dramatic/overwrought/epic/invigorating/strangely-compelling gospel barn-raiser from Florence and the Machine.

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