!! OMG, my ears: Russian Singer !!

This Russian singer might seem like your run-of-the-mill cheese-ball, but he’s got some tricks up his sleeve…let it play for a minute before you give up. I think they mistook the woman at 2:12’s disgust for disbelief.
Thanks to Norman for the tip.

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18 Comments on "OMG, my ears: Russian Singer"

  1. Mikey, it’s either just you, or I am officially a dog–I unfortunately heard it all–I have a headache now. I’m really sorry I listened!

  2. aww lol I like him. I randomly found his stuff on Youtube a while back. One I have a thing for Russians and two I’m always trying to find different music and singing styles. He fits the bill for both…and he’s cute a bit cheesy at times but still cute 😀

  3. Sigh…his tuxedo is beautiful.

  4. Was it just me, or was he hitting frequencies that only dogs can hear?

  5. David – smug is the perfect word to describe his disturbing facial expressions! But I would totally like to see this guy team up with Lady Gaga.

  6. Ugh he is so Russian looking.
    Is this a Eurovision selection show from 2003? If so, I am glad they chose Tatu

  7. He’s a long lost Russian Bee Gee, right? Either that or his balls were in a vice the entire time…

  8. when i saw her live, yma sumac performed moscow nights so i guess since the russian kid performed yma sumac it’s square.

  9. Hey!!! I like Vitas a lot, actually!!! This is certainly not one of his better moments, granted, but you should totally check out Il Dolce Suono or Opera #2…
    And he is rediculously adoreable.

  10. I too am a first time commenter, but this needed some. It reminds me of that note Edith Bunker hit on the All In The Family theme. It make Mrs. Miller tunes almost beautiful(check her on youtube) He can hold a note, it’s just the wrong one. I love this site!

  11. So? This is like any given episode of American Idol.

  12. could someone tell me what the FUCK that is?

  13. Is he singing in Whale?

  14. Good lord…at least in “Lion Sleeps Tonight” you didn’t actually cringe during the falsettos.

  15. You know, I never comment, but this one really deserved my two-cents.
    After watching this and having my ears split into multiple somewhat chunky segments, I do agree. “My ears!” But before tossing him off as an obnoxious cheese-ball, I feel it is only fair to give him credit. I must admit though, you got the most obnoxious video of him possible.
    Before tossing him into the Firey Pits of Awful (or North Dakota, depending on how cruel you feel today), please take a gander at his performance of “Lucia Di Lammermoor” (or “Il Dolce Suono,” which is the same God damned thing).
    I’m somewhat of a fan of Vitas, and would find it a pity if the American public’s view of him was only… ehhh… *points at the post* that thing.

  16. waaaaaaaa aaaaaa a aa a aaaaaa waaaaaaa aaa a aaaaa
    I can do it to!

  17. Anyone know who he is? He’s really cute, and seems to have a great stage presence!

  18. Oh dear lord! I think my ears are bleeding! and his smug little face makes it even worse!

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