!! OMG, Nake-boarding: ‘WIENERWÜRSTCHEN’ & ‘Winter’s Children’ !!

Gay German Snowboarder Daniel Rajcsanyi lists his hobbies as playing World Of Warcraft and wanking…we must be a perfect match because they are my favourite hobbies too, although maybe I’ll watch X-Files whilst he’s gaming away and then we can get together on the wanking bit, once he’s built up a real good sweaty gaming-crotch.
After the jump you can watch him jump, and his NSFW ‘German Sausage’ is definitely jumping too…ohmygard when he lands, you can see his sausage is a REAL BOBBER.
Don’t get me started on the soundtrack…Vengaboys’ ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’?“I want you in my room”?!…well he has to find someone and somewhere to dab witch-hazel on his scuffed sausage and boarder botty.
and following the nake-boarding theme I popped Jim Mangan’s ‘Winter’s Children’ in there too:

“It’s not necessarily comfortable, but that chill in your bones makes you feel alive”


[via homorazzi / NOWNESS]

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