!! OMG, naked again: Ryan Kwanten !!

I think by now we’ve determined that Ryan Kwanten is required by the producers of True Blood to show his ass in every single episode, but I don’t hear any of you complaining.
In the latest episode, Ryan and his character’s GF Amy have tantric V-euphoria sex that sends them into an idyllic fantasy garden of Eden, and you do in fact catch a quick glimpse of the snake. See if you can find it after the jump (NSFW).

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8 Comments on "OMG, naked again: Ryan Kwanten"

  1. Ok, hotness aside, I need to understand what is going on here.
    It’s that good? Really?

  2. no complaints what so ever!
    he soo better make the sexiest men on the year list. his ass is gorg!! lol

  3. I found it pic 6

  4. i hate how he wont show IT! i mean just one little peak to know what hes working with!

  5. 3rd pic from the bottom. looks like you can see something.

  6. Nope- don’t see the “snake” anywhere. Must be missing something.

  7. This guy is always naked on this show…but keep it on…he is hot…

  8. Oh Frank, I can always tell when it’s one of your posts! And I have missed yo uso. BTW the guy who plays Bill Compton ain’t too shabby either! xo

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