!! OMG, naked Italians: ‘El Alamein’ !!

Rumor has it that in movie I Melt With You, which showed at Sundance, Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven and Christian McKay do a skinny dipping scene — although chances are they (sadly) didn’t get as naked as these four actors in the Italian movie El Alamein. See the very, very naked shots from that film after the jump.

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8 Comments on "OMG, naked Italians: ‘El Alamein’"

  1. Jess you are an idiot, and sound like a hater. You say Italians are overrated, and then go on to say “most brazilian models are white”, you do know most of those “White brazilian” models are Italian descent right? especially the male models like Lucas Bernardhini, Lucas Malvacini, Evandro Soldati, Ricardo Villani etc. I also laughed at Slavic men better looking. Most people rate them as having the worst looking men in Europe only good looking women. And you did not just say Scandinavians? Scandinavian women are beautiful but men?
    Scandinavian men can be good looking ofcourse, just like Italians can be ugly. But i’d say a hot Italian is generally far hotter than a hot Scandinavian man. I’m sorry, but most good looking Scandinavian men look like girls or really feminine next to the hottest of Italian men. The saying Tall, Dark, & Handsome exist for a reason.
    Believe me! i have looked! ive looked at all the hot Scandinavian actors and models, and every single one of them pales in comparison to the best of Italian models & actors. Scandinavian guys always look so feminine.

  2. Plz can someone post the video link ?

  3. @ Jake d
    No, Italians are a tad overrated. Your typical Italian from Italy looks nothing like the models often potrayed. Neither do regular Brazilians look like the models. The Modeling industry only potray the super white looking Brazilians. Which is far from the reality of Brazil. They have an average of ugly & good looking people just like any other country. Many Italians are stereotypicaly short & swarthy. If you think they’re all models from a magazine you’ve been diluded by stereotypes.
    Italians aren’t even the best looking guys in Europe. Your Typical Slavic or Scandinavian generaly looks better than an Italian. Scandinavian men also take care of themselves more. They are usualy fit where as the men in Italy are typicaly short and skinny. The Italians of America generaly look better than those of Italy but then again the Italians of America are mostly mixed. Mario Cazzo is one of those American mixed Italians who got very popular on Nextdoormale. Your average Italian in italy? Nothing like Mario Cazzo at all.

  4. Umm…Chrism702? You’re an idiot. There should be a law against that.

  5. There should be a law against being fat- more 30+ guys should look like this

  6. Yes because that’s what all Italians look like…although these ones are pretty damn good!

  7. Why did god make the Italians and brazilians so perfect?? Now THOSE are MEN! Take a look fellow Americans, That’s what a man is supposed to look like.

  8. Um… I’d only want to see Thomas Jane and Rob Lowe naked anyway. The other two actors…. not so much! haha

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