!! OMG, naked: Reba’s Steve Howey !!

If you watched Reba and lusted over the dumb jock played by Steve Howey, well, prepare to see your lusty desires fulfilled. Howey strips down — all the way down — for the Showtime remake of the UK show Shameless. Sexy NSFW front and back pics after the jump.

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16 Comments on "OMG, naked: Reba’s Steve Howey"

  1. Howey has the biggest man nipples I’ve ever seen. And I luv them!!!

  2. He has so many sexy side, trashy, sleazy, just hot, funny as hell, he would make such hot sex scenes if they would just turn him loose. Go, Howey. Ride it all the way til the end. Love ya.

  3. OMG LOL that was funny

  4. can we see it erected????

  5. Holy shit I didn’t even know that was him! I use to watch Reba every now and then and and I watch Shameless religiously but I had no clue that was the same dude. He looks totally different.

  6. this was from last nights premiere episode. LOVE this show so far, and it has a gay teen character on it also. and more naked men.

  7. From what episode and season of Shameless can I see this scene?

  8. ah love you omgblog
    great work!!

  9. Oh Van!!! Please sit on my face. LOL

  10. Nice that he didn’t trim the bush for it.

  11. Um……all I saw a TINY piece of pink meat there!

  12. Wow never would’ve imagined he’d do a full frontal – let alone a rear shot!
    Is there any video of this scene?

  13. he’s always been hot. but it’s nearly impossible to watch that show.


  15. Phillip,
    Did I mention how happy I am to have you on board OMGBlog? You won everyone’s approval at lightspeed. Overachiever. 🙂

  16. OMG..who knew the rather dorky guy from REBA was such a tasty piece! Beautiful, lickable ass and all! YUM

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