!! OMG, naked rugby players: The Nude Blacks !!

New Zealand All Blacks haka.jpg
Dieux du Stade famously exposed some of the world’s hunkiest rugby players, stripping them down for the sake of semi-nude calendar photos. But a team in New Zealand goes a step further: as their name suggests, the Nude Blacks actually play naked.

After the jump, see the NSFW shots of New Zealand’s finest in action.

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53 Comments on "OMG, naked rugby players: The Nude Blacks"

  1. I was uncut until age 27. During summer my cock always felt uncomfortable even though I washed it daily. When the skin was retracted, I felt more comfortable. But it would not always stay that way. So I asked my Jewish MD to circumcise me. He did a good job. It was uncomfortable for about a month. I love the feel of being cut.

  2. Circumcision is grievous bodily mutilation, which should not be imposed on a child, because it is an offense to the dignity and human rights violation. The child should be able to choose his majority. The unique benefit of circumcision is hygiene, but a person who washes every day will not have any problem of this type. The main disadvantage of circumcision (beyond aesthetics), is a significant loss of sexual pleasure, the nerve endings of the foreskin has disappeared. Of course, circumcision for medical reasons, if it is inevitable, not my words. Before making practice circoncison your child, ask yourself these questions: he would agree with you if he knew all the aspects? And also: Is foreskin reconstruction surgery effective if he chooses to find the look that God gave him at birth? Sorry if my English is bad, I use the Google translator.

    • I do not consider circumcision a mutilation. I wish more parents would consider it for their young sons so as an adult he would not have to get cut.

  3. how could a guy..love watching another guys nude?so weird..is it the majority of males from all over the world was gay?..why does their government let so many images and videos of male nudes being easily enjoyed by females?what was their goals actually?..stronger species being submissive?..whats is this?answer it with brain please..not heart..

  4. This proves that white guys do have the smallest dicks out there.

  5. You US people want to correct nature,all peniseess are born with foreskins! Doctors like to circumcize and sell babies foreskins to cosmetics industries.Horrible and inmoral

  6. Americans are circumcising less and less with the advent of the Internet and the information available as well as the fact that insurance companies are dropping coverage over ye procedure. The US is the only secular country in the world to circumcise its infant males and the tide is changing and within the next few decades there will be a larger consensus that views it as mutilation like the rest of the developed world does.
    In regards to their size – they’re playing rugby. Any kind of physical activity makes your penis shrivel because blood is being drawn into the parts that most require it during the game. Americans know nothing about penile anatomy or anatomy in general – were so number 1!

  7. I am sorry guys…I know that size does not matter…but they are trying to do scary dance with that between their legs??? I am sorry but they look stupid…they should stayed clothed when they try scared someone…

  8. I’d rather have a kind, loving man with an average uncut dick over a thug with a huge cut one.
    Some of you guys are so entrenched in fantasy-fetish land that you don’t recognise quality when you see it.
    You will have unfulfilling lives and die lonely.

  9. My penis is 8 inches(NOT small) when I’m hard. When I’m not, my penis looks as small as or smaller than most of theirs. Flaccid don’t mean shyte! p.s. I’m African-American.

  10. So many comments about size…….
    That is very sad.
    Should these guys be ashamed of their nakedness because of YOUR focus on THEIR penis size?
    Shameful size queens should get themselves an industrial sized dildo attached to a jackhammer and go some place private.

  11. The U.S. does not circumcise automatically anymore.
    This was was an A.M.A. (American Medical Association) standard procedure for years, done for hygiene reasons only. They have changed this in the last 25 years. Almost all young American Males are uncut unless their family requests it. In response to Mrs. Patrick Campbell; Obviously you like yours really big, every single one of these guys is normal in size. if one of them are a little heavier, fat will cover it up.
    A NORMAL SIZE PENIS IS 3 to 3.5 flaccid and 5 inches hard. THATS THE STANDARD! The unfortunate thing is the Porn
    Industry has not helped the majority of men who are normal by portraying virility and masculinity to having a large member.
    The guys in these pictures look pretty masculine to me and they’re athletic so there is no question of virility. As for the guys who are larger, great they’r just larger like a nose is larger, think about this Mrs Campbell, all women’s Vaginas are four inches deep and they have a huge capacity to stretch, as I’m sure your MR. HAS DONE TO YOU, this however, does not mean more sexual pleasure, thats up to the individuals having sex, SIZE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AROUSAL OR SEXUAL SUPERIORITY!
    It is sadly the same type of argument for women who feel they would be more feminine and desired if they have larger breasts, ( Playboy being the first conspirators of this “Ideal”?!) JUST MORE STUPIDITY! This, again, is what society( via the Porn industry) has created. For parts of the Eighteenth centuries through the nineteenth western cultures liked big, voluptuous women and for well over a thousand years in China, woman of higher status had their feet bound to make them smaller which was accepted as being atractive. Today sample shoe sizes are still smaller than average female foot size in western cultures.
    Just go to any museum and take a look at the portrayal of naked women, by the way, you will also see male genitalia it probably doesn’t look like your husbands. Also, what kind of women refers to a man’s penis as meat? I’ve heard gay men refer to it in this way?! whether a man is dark, white ,yellow or red or every race in between the norm is the same, 3 to 3.5 flaccid and 5 inches hard, this is undisputed!
    In response to Brandon; What happened to you personally to make your statement. If you started a dialogue with Americans about uncut penises I’m sure you are going to here everything, good, bad but probably kinky (which is a good thing). and yes most American would agree that “we’re going to hell in a hand basket”( an old American expression) because of the shear blinding greed and Myopic ways of the very few (like a junta) that have hijacked and eviscerated the very best of American democracy and the governing constitution that binds it.
    Don’t be so quick to count America out, just remember, or look up, what happened in Teninimun Square (probably spelled wrong) twenty three years ago?! That was just a taste of the alternative!
    Please pardon my long refute to the ignorant diatribe and sadly misinformed comments from the two left before me I write this in earnest just in case the people who don’t know any better take it for face value as truth.
    In response to the naked Rugby: HOW GREAT, I wish I were in my twenties or thirties living in New Zealand I’d be right there with them! The whole thing is liberating and masculine and publicly accepted( HOW ENLIGHTENED ) (the place looks like a Country club?). What is the history behind this? just looks like a hell-of -a- lot-of -fun!!!!

  12. Mrs Patrick Campbell | October 24, 2011 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    Why are they all tinymeats?

  13. Don’t worry about the Americans hating on uncuts on this page. Americans will soon realize their ways aren’t as “right” as they thought they were. The nation is in a downward spiral falling more & more and being owned by china each day.

  14. Actualy these men are not fair representations of average size. New Zealand people are decedents of people from the British Isles. The British Isles has one of the smallest penis size averages in Europe. While France, Sweden, and most of the Northern nations are well above 5.

  15. Getting their Haka on in the buff = sexy!

  16. An all you can eat buffet of foreskin? Sign me the fuck up! 😀

  17. They’re very gorgeous! I love seeing nude athletic guys!

  18. Wow, so many natural (not circumcised) penises! Love it! Funny though how they all seem pretty normal sized. Shows how unrealistic those porn movies are and how delusional society is about how “gross” uncut penises are when they are perfectly normal and lovely. 🙂

  19. Its not hard to clean you cock!
    I’m uncut and will not get my body altered. Ask your female friends if they’re like to have their clits circumcised!
    USA isn’t the only place they cut dick, Cut dick is widely done over in Australia, Europe, Asia but like @Ali said.. he chose to have it done! and I think that people should have a choice to be cut later in life. not at berth!

  20. LOL! The same guy with some wierd foreskin fetish posting messages about cut/uncut. Clearly getting off on writing about cut/uncut dicks.
    Would so blow all these guys.

  21. i could reply by insulting americans and their way of “correcting” the nature, with overusing and abusing plastic “corrective” surgery, and how it shows how little they accept our human nature,
    but i accept you fellow americans nevertheless (and your cute cut dicks!) 🙂
    as old wise Latins would say:
    “Degustibus non disputandum”
    a propos nature, all the dicks look small and unattractive – shrivelled and little :),
    but try playing in an open field, running around with wind blowing through your pubes, and let’s see how shrivelled you will get.
    i think many of the guys here, although rugged in appereance, are quite attractive,
    and there is something primal about bunch of guys naked that would attract my gaze anytime anywhere!
    okay, hayving said all of that, i draw the line of “au naturelle” approach at personal hygiene frontier 😀

  22. Michael Australia | September 15, 2011 at 2:40 am | Reply

    Disgusting?????????? Its ok not to like them but to denegrate a man over a foreskin? Sad queens.

  23. I see there’s a bias going on here. That’s too bad. For Free Speech. esp. on a Gay website. Too bad, huh, editor?

  24. Amerikkkans are such prudes. Being uncut is natural and people that are circumcised are the freaks.

  25. HOT. uncut is natural and sexy. All those comments that are negative are oblivious that the 85% of males in the world are uncut. Also here in the US of A new borns are less likely to but mutilated, which means these young generation will be exposed and be use to see an natural penis.

  26. i wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the game if i was butt-naked and having to have so much physical contact with all these naked hotties!

  27. I wanna lick all their sweaty balls….mmmm delicious…

  28. bombsoverfaghdad | September 14, 2011 at 11:57 pm | Reply

    Jeez, why do people have to be so negative about people’s bodies? Cut or uncut, we may all have our preferences but it’s no reason to be disparaging. Nobody is gross, period. That’s really damaging language and shapes a lot more than just perception. To play devil’s advocate Cut cocks are mutilated and leathery. Stop the malarkey, please


  30. I love how 5 comments are all by the same person, using different names.
    This is insanely hot. Where can I watch them play?!? (And then join in some play?)

  31. Awesome!!!

  32. wow. what’s with all the comments hating on uncut cocks? i think cocks are great either way. and the guys are so distant from the camera that you can barely tell whether they’re cut or not.

  33. These guys are totally HOT!!! That they’re uncut is an AWESOME bonus! I need to go to New Zealand!

  34. Yey uncut cock!:D
    More skin = more fun.
    I’m cut.

  35. Ali, it does not matter how many different names you post on. Its blatanly obvious they’re all you. You were never uncircumcised and you did not do it by choice. You are an American who has been cut since birth so now you spend your time defending your penis on the internet. News flash real uncuts never act like you. Real uncuts don’t want to get circumcised because they know it equals less sexual sensitivity for them. Scientificaly proven and you’re pissed about it Lol. You go on and on about ugly uncut penises. Do you really think cut looks better? Some cut dicks look like they’ve been through a shredder and noone likes that multi colored dark mark circumcision leaves that makes the penis look like its two different colors. Save your breath noone is jealous of cut cocks ya know thats why basicaly the entire world average is uncut.

  36. He is correct. USA & Canada are the only countries in the Western world who have the most cut cocks. Canada’s is lower than USA’s but still more than any other country. All of Europe most of Asia, & Australia have uncut averages. Only countries that cut are the heavily religious ones of the middle east and ofcourse America & Canada.
    Wake up and get an education.

  37. I love how insecure someone is of their cut cock that they had to post 5 times pretending to be different accounts just to defend their insecurity of their cut cock…..sad.

  38. ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES BASHING UNCUT COCKS ARE PATHETIC. It’s only the way we are supposed to be, and uncut cocks are fucking hot, not to mention we can actually feel sex a lot better.
    Uncut rules, so if you want to get cut, go cut ur fucking necks off!

  39. regardless over 85% of the world is intact. I’m uncut and guess what….I shower every day :0
    Never dirty. Americans are very uneducated about the male anatomy because in the past parents just did what the doctors said. Now with the internet parents are educating them selves causing the rates to drop below 32%. In 20 years we will look back and wonder why we practiced such a barbaric violation of human rights.
    @ali congrats on your choice. I’m glad your parents allowed you to have the choice over your own body 🙂

  40. FIRST OF ALL, The United States is NOT the “only country where we cut [sic] but the male genitals.” Ever heard of Muslims? Ever heard of Jewish guys? It’s standard. Although uncircumcised is not my cup of tea, that comment did sound pretty “You-Need-To-Get-Out-More-ish”, Fella. On a lighter note, I’ll take (from left to right, 3rd pic), #s 1, 2, 3, 5(HMM), 6(!), 7(!!), 9(day-umm!!!) Sh*t. Cancel that. I’ll take’em all. Put it on my credit card… 😉

  41. Drake, dear, you would absolutely hate a trip to Israel.

  42. Wow…people are quite angry about natural appearing penises.
    Cut at birth and in the process of restoring.

  43. i love an uncut cock as long as there clean, makes for a nice chew toy, of course i like a cut cock as well, what can i say i guess i just love cock period

  44. @drake: if you think only usa have circumcised men you are really uneducated.
    that being said, uncut cock are disgusting (see the pictures)
    circumcised by choice at age 26. and so happy about it.
    circumcised rules!

  45. ugly uncut cocks. look how ugly uncut cocks are on the 3rd (naked ) pic. yucky

  46. would be interesting if they didnt had horrible uncut cocks

  47. eeewww @ their DISGUSTING uncut cocks. yuuuuuuuck
    circumcised all the way!

  48. Ugh. Uncircumcised and disgusting.

  49. I love seeing the evidence that America is the only country where we cut but the male genitals. Intact humans all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!


  51. there must be videos of these guys playing somewhere….

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