!! OMG, new 90210 !!

They’ve remade Beverly Hills 90210 with all new characters and it will be airing this fall. From this commercial, I’m most excited about grandma Tabitha.
As for one of the actresses saying, “We’re going to take this show to a whole new level,” I think she probably means a new level of sluttiness, but I’ll still give it a chance. Plus I heard 90210 veterans Luke Perry and Tori Spelling might be making cameos… Now if only they could convince Shannen Doherty to come lend her wonky eye.
(via Just Jared)

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5 Comments on "OMG, new 90210"

  1. hey frank! just thought i’d let you know you misspelled 90210… twice. 😛 love your blog!

  2. Oh this is soooooo gonna *BOMB*! It looks so cheesy, abd not in a good campy way. Popular was much smarter…too bad it only lasted 2 seasons. Bring back the OC.

  3. Oh noes… Jessica Walter can’t possibly top her role from Arrested Development, no matter how cool Grandma Tabitha will be.

  4. I have also heard that Jenny Garth has signed on to play her role from the original show as a school guidance counselor!

  5. Let me know when they remake “Melrose Place” and that might get my attention

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