!! Happy Victoria Day 2008! !!

(Painting by Banksy)
I had some stuff to post today, but then I remembered it is a holiday in my adopted country of Canada and I would rather play video games. I love that I get the day off from work to celebrate a dead lady who used to rule another country. God bless her!

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4 Comments on "Happy Victoria Day 2008!"

  1. You should have posted the stuff instead. I’m actually get sick and tired of coming here and seeing the exact same stuff up all the time. You obviously don’t want to grow and succeed, and honestly I’m tired of wasting my time coming to a gossip site that only updates once a week, if that.

  2. Victoria Day also celebrates the birthday of the current reigning monarch of Canada, QE2.
    I’m not even remotely Canadian and I know that one hahaha we celebrate it with the more aptly titles “Queens Birthday Long Weekend”

  3. no OMGBlog today? 🙁
    i wish they taught more world history in the united states. i remember the first time i went to canada, i did not understand all the monarchs foreign to canada on the money. i’m still not sure i completely understand.

  4. She also ruled your adopted country and 1/3 of the other countries around the world…

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