!! OMG, New Britney Spears Video: ‘3’ !!

Uhh, hasn’t this song been floating around forever? So why am I getting all these tips about it now? I guess just the video is new? Also why are they running that ad for Britney’s perfume from back when she was married to K-Fed a million years ago. On one hand I am totally confused, but on the other hand I can’t really be bothered to care at all!
Listen, I really want to like Britney Spears. SRSLY! But I think she needs to change her game up a little bit. Even when she’s trying to be shocking (singing about threesomes!) it’s kind of like ZZZZS. Haven’t we heard this song and seen this video before. Yes! And what about before that? Yes, then too!

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5 Comments on "OMG, New Britney Spears Video: ‘3’"

  1. I agree Bryson, It’s very clear that she is a tad over it. The song concept, let alone the video, is super overdone….Group Sex? Lesbianism?
    She is talented, she can perform better than that, but its obvious her label is just giving her everything she wants.
    The worst part is she demands alot of “creative control” (with every aspect from hair to styling)
    Which evidently, is unfortunate.
    There are some fantasticly stylised videos out there, the Ciara ‘work’, why can’t Brit just let people do their job? (Creative Directors, Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists.. Whats ups with her weave??!!) then maybe she just might have another “Slave4U” type comeback..
    Nice try though 🙂

  2. Why oh why did they have to sensor the “living in sin” – line? Maybe they didn’t want to upset the conservatives withBrit-fans for kids. Sadness…

  3. Not really Bryson. If it was simply based on her popularity she would have accomplished this same feat many times before. She hasn’t. It has to do with he song as well. Nice try though.
    Gotta disagree with everything the original post says.

  4. How quickly it went to #1 speaks to how POPular Britney Spears is, not how high-quality the song/video is. I like Britney, the concert’s fun. Change it up. Simulated fake lesbianism group-grinding will only take you SO FAR!
    But don’t we know she’s really just trying to keep her job? She’s gotta be over it, too.
    “We’ll take you back, Britney! We’ll give you a new weave and brush your teeth & fix this mess we made for you. Here, put THESE on and pretend this pole is Max Martin’s penis.”

  5. It debuted at #1 on Billboards Hot 100, something only 4 other artists have accomplished in the past 5 years… sounds like a few million people think it’s pretty good.

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