!! OMG, new Britney Spears: ‘Womanizer’ !!

Britney Spears is officially back, everyone. In the video for her new single “Womanizer,” she is once again hot, once again can dance, and once again can smile convincingly. Thank god. (via Ten Gossip)
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23 Comments on "OMG, new Britney Spears: ‘Womanizer’"

  1. I think it’s great Britney is back! She looks very edible. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of this song. It reminds me of toxic. Now seeing the video it’s the same concept. It just appears that she went with what she knew how to do. Don’t get me wrong becasue she does do it well!

  2. is a bad copy of toxic

  3. maybe some of those jealous medic cunts will get off her case now…..like the whore broads on fox news, msnbc (cuntess brewer)
    and of course cnn

  4. Very catchy song. It’s great to see that she did some work on herself to get back to form. Go Brit!

  5. LOVE IT!!! SO HOT!!!

  6. The singing is ok, the song itself a bit boring, the video is well done – and she looks GREAT – cut the girl some slack – for someone who we’d all already seen either in the nuthouse for good or in the cemetary, this is a remarkable comeback. Give her some time and she’ll come out with better songs too.

  7. Garbage.

  8. it stared out good, before she started to singing. a synthesizer does a wonderfull thing, but the lyrics are monotonous and has no substance. SHE STILL SUCKS….

  9. OMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG! THIS VIDEO IS INSANE! HER BODY IS HOT, her dancin is hot, her hair is hot! her best vid in years, an instant classic!!! luv it! she is back on top #1 for sure!!!!!

  10. 3:34-3:35 in the video, background, left-hand side of the frame

  11. i LOVE it!

  12. Who..? (lol)
    Still 100% plastic. Can’t sing, dance or even give a natural smile. In my humble opinion, of course.

  13. I love Britney, and she is so hot in this video! I love it and can’t wait for more!!

  14. quit bitching about the song it is not that bad and um hello? did you see all those frikkin hot guys?? those guys make the video do-able if nothing does even.

  15. This will do a lot more for Brandon Stoughton and his future!
    The song is OK, but the video is TIRED, run of the mill, unimaginative, and her dancing is a joke.
    One good thing….it will give drag queens lots of new material!
    I liked her better when she was f*cked up…….

  16. the REAL spiffy | October 12, 2008 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    aaagh im so glad she’s back. and no it doesn’t sound like katy perry it sounds like gimme more. but still its amazing. so mleh.

  17. actually i was going to comment that the song always reminds me of “ooh ooh baby” (from blackout). It has the same kinda beat and a similar pattern

  18. S and Spiffy….cheer up! You know you like the song….lol Just close your eyes and pretend the song was made by Janet Jackson.

  19. It’s a serviceable song that’s actually growing on me each time I hear it. The video is pretty bad, though, with all the quick cuts. I’d like to see her perform it live where there’s a set routine and more of my favorite weave-tossing.
    I did like the twirling method of changing clothes that she and her boyfriend seem to have perfected.
    On a side note: Nude Britney comes across as a bit creepy to me now. Wasn’t she just driven crazy trying to live up to that image?

  20. omg the guy is so hot…THATS probably the best part

  21. still can’t sing and doesn’t this beat seem really close to katy perry? oh and this song is dreadful.

  22. So… She basically made another “Toxic” video, except the song is not as good this time. She looks alright though — burgundy is her color.

  23. Welcome back, Brit! She looks SO hot.

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