!! OMG, they booed her: Sarah Palin !!

Sarah Palin may love hockey, but Philadelphia hockey fans do not love her, if the resounding “boo” echoing through the arena last night at the Flyers vs. Rangers game is any indication. Palin dropped the puck and then hurried away before she got hit in the face with a hot dog. (via Gawker)

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11 Comments on "OMG, they booed her: Sarah Palin"

  1. The real freak, was that demented daughter of her waving her hand. She thinks she’s little miss America with her wave.

  2. I’m deeply saddened that some homos on here support McCain/Palin. What fascist bastards.

  3. Shame on them – she’s a much better human being than Obama.
    McCain / Palin ’08… this homo supports them.

  4. Funny that the music had to be turned way up to mask the booing.
    By the way, here is a website that shares all the Sarah Palin dirt to support Barack Obama!

  5. I wouldn’t have agreed with the booing, until her “palling around with terrorists” comment. After that, I say she deserves all she gets.
    I also think it’s a good sign that hockey fans, who I think would be the opposite of me–don’t like her any more than I do.

  6. Why does sarah palin go to such events to get humiliated?? Unless evil Mc cain has a hand in it.

  7. That music attempting to drown out the boos out is DEAFENING. It’s not that loud at a Metallica concert

  8. God i love Philly! Check out the protests outside the game on youtube. BTW, what was she thinking!!! Philly is all Dem.

  9. i’ll be BOOing loud and clear if that socialist pig Obama is elected! STOP HIM NOW

  10. I wasn’ there so…
    There I feel better now.

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