!! OMG, new fashion capital: Helsinki !!

I had never thought about visiting Helsinki, Finland until I saw this photo from Helsinki street fashion website Hel Looks. While I’m not sure I would actually want to know this guy, I am definitely intrigued by the culture that created him. (via Hipster Runoff)
See a few more of my favorite Helsinki looks after the jump.


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5 Comments on "OMG, new fashion capital: Helsinki"

  1. The guy in the picture is Antti Asplund, a designer.
    As a finnish person, I must say that HELlooks doesn’t give an objective view how do finnish people dress up.

  2. Saw that on a russion blog the other day. I thought of it as Finland’s own version of Japan’s Harajuku stlye.

  3. conterculture to a formerly very conservative soiciety. finland is fabulous but OMG the language is a mess! its kinda why some scandinavians can not drink without getting totally shitfaced and making asses of themselves.

  4. finland has actually been design/fashion forward for quite some time. just quietly so.

  5. aww these make me prouder to be 12% Finnish or some shiz as all that. anyways, errybody looks fab 🙂

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