!! OMG, new Madonna video: ‘4 Minutes’ !!

Is it me or can you barely hear Madonna in “4 Minutes,” her new “collaboration” with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake? I think the song is straight up bad (I’m ready for your spitballs, Madonna fans), but the lady looks hot in the video! And she does some pretty cool dance moves to make up for the weak vocals.

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35 Comments on "OMG, new Madonna video: ‘4 Minutes’"

  1. Its terrible………why, with all the money she has got, didnt she use a real horn section?
    Those cheap synth horns are embarrassing…yuk!

  2. Did everyone miss the irony of the fact that Madge has done a “duet” with both Britney and JT?
    Having said that, I thought they were both just phoning it in — Madge did her yoga moves, JT did his white boy popping — I was half-expecting them to at least have some sort of practiced synchronized choreography by the end; but alas… And did Timbaland put the weight back on?
    I don’t hate the song — in fact I like it slightly more now now that there’s a visual to go with the music — but I don’t think I have really loved any of Madonna’s music since Bedtime Stories. She was always the innovator; but there’s nothing really innovative about “4 Minutes.”
    Still, this is not a slam — I will probably buy the remixes anyway — and I pray that I’d look that good when I am 49! (The cougar shot at the end was slightly creepy though, no matter how great she looks. But what’s wrong with JT that he’s working his way up the age ladder? Who’s next? Carly Simon? Diana Ross? Carol Channing!?)

  3. I Love the shit out of madonna video and i havent even seen it yet she is the shit and will always be so hate on players………………………………JACKSON,MS Love U MADONNA

  4. Isn’t she old enough to be his mom? Way to go Madonna the cougar!

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I liked it. I’m definitely going to give this CD a chance. I think Madge looks great. Honestly I didn’t expect her to look that good. She can still work it as far as I’m concerned. Besides,m if you don’t like what you hear initially, I’m sure you’ll love the remixes. Just look at American Life!

  6. you guys keep talking about the dancing…the cool dance moves. WHAT dance moves?
    she jumps up onto a car, and then off of a car…and then onto a supermarket counter top…and then thrusts her vageen for the rest of the video…
    not sure where the dance moves are.

  7. she’s too plastic now. 🙁

  8. um, yeah; though I’m usually not a fan of pop music, I can usually find some form of appreciation for it. Not with this. It was just… bland.
    Madonna’s vocals were unimpressive. And has she had major plastic surgery lately? I hardly recognized her; she looks more like a blond Courtney Cox-Arquette.

  9. Song might suck, but the dancing is killer.

  10. it wasnt even her dancing at the end you could tell with all the panning away and the hair flying everywhere. half of the cd was produced by timbland. the other is by pharrell. she’s definately changing into the r&b market.

  11. Considering I’m not a fan of any of them, I’m actually surprised I think it’s not bad. Not the next coming of pop or anything, but it’s better than a lot of other crap out there.

  12. It’s boring after a few listens. Just like most music by American artists at the moment. It’s a desperate attempt to get on Top 40 radio again.

  13. hmmm….well what i want to know is what the hell is it supposed to mean…why do they only have 4 minutes to save the world??? like the music…agree very weak madonna vocals really just a new JT song with a little madonna. She looks great but noone else cried foul at the Britney hair?

  14. I wasn’t impressed but I am sure if they play it enough I’ll get use to it and come around as I’ve done for some many other tracks by this artist and others.

  15. I love this country. Doesn’t matter if the song is good or if anyone can really sing or if the melody is something a fourth grader couldn’t come up with…as long as Madonna looks like she has 2% body fat and we all agree the beat is ‘phat’ and Timbaland can sing (which he can’t)…it’s all cool and everyone buys it and all of these ‘artists’ can buy another house somewhere we’ve never heard of…
    What will it take for us to wake up?

  16. I like this song and Madonna ( THE Madonna, material girl, not A Madonna, mother of Christ). I like that the radio version (at least the Australian radio version) cut out Timbaland’s inane “eh, ehs” at the start. Why does he insist on ruining every song with his self indulgent jibber jabber?
    For a funny Madonna (and Britney) take-off watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD0rbiePhBc

  17. what cool dance moves did she do? The jumping up onto a car (with the help of Justin)? Jumping down off of a car? or jumping up onto a supermarket counter?
    love the song tho.

  18. She’s barely audible, that’s what I noticed on first listen. It’s very Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, featuring Madonna. It’s decent. It’s Madonna’s worst case of pandering yet, but prolly smart as a career move.

  19. i love this song, and i think the video is rly cool. i do agree, justins and madonnas vocals are weak, but sometimes they have their good parts…
    timbaland is amazing however….

  20. i dont mind it actually…i think its gonna be a massive hit cause that beat is phat! and the little “tick tock” and “madonna” vocals in there will open it up to all kinds of remixes like TOM said 🙂

  21. Sounds very soundtracky to me.
    Does anyone know if it was recorded for a movie?
    Anyways, i guess Madonna wants -as Nelly Furtado did- to venture into a new part of music industry, but unfortunately she didn’t do it alone but as a co-singer. Why is that? Since when does Madonna do the backseat stile?
    Well, we’ll see if there is better stuff to come, I guess..

  22. The song has grown on me…took a little time. She does look H-O-T though!!

  23. I like the song a lot, but I do agree that her voice is on the weaker side. She has a preview of the song “Miles Away” on her site and her voice is definitely stronger on this track than “4 Minutes”.

  24. Last 20 seconds are good.

  25. I’m with you, this stinks.

  26. As a fan of all three artists in this video, i have to agree with you frank :/ total anti-climax but at least they looked hot 😛

  27. No worries, anyone with any real sense of modern music will realize they’ve heard this song 30 times already. :-/ Thanks Timbaland

  28. Single is boring. But the bass line should bring out some good re-mixes.

  29. It’s ok. I like the sound.
    But the lyrics…for her age. I mean, come on!!

  30. Well I am a HUGE Madonna fan. But I got to say you are right about the weak voice in this one. Don’t think the song is bad…. Maybe not the best ever, but a nice beat. I like Justin’s sound a lot, but I think that Madge should keep doing her own everchanging sound, and not start sounding like sooo many other artists these days. Can’t wait to hear the whole album. Thank you for this blog. It’s always super entertaining! Beautiful used to be my fav, but you have taken over my friend. Mucho kudos. 🙂

  31. i just lost 4 minutes of my life

  32. Meh- what does it even mean?
    You’d think that JT would have learned his lesson from the last time he stood behind an older woman in black leather and pulled a piece of her outfit off.

  33. If you listen to Janet Jackson, you’ll probably get two words out of what she’s singing in her song. This is new Madonna’s song is the same…

  34. I was thinking the same thing. I think the song will grow on me, just because Timbaland is a great producer. Madonna looks great, but you’re right, the song artist should really be Timbaland featuring Madonna and Justin.

  35. So… The video is pretty cool, inventive and interesting…
    The song is horrible. I am totally not impressed with Madonna this time around, and it’s been awhile since she’s not been totally ahead of the curve when it comes to popular music.
    Yes, she’s hot but, when did she and Cher trade faces?

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