!! OMG new Mariah: ‘Obsessed’ !!

I’m “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh OBSESSED” with this new Mariah Carey single. Only Mariah can own the autotune so we know she’s still singing.

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11 Comments on "OMG new Mariah: ‘Obsessed’"

  1. I might not be mentally enriched by this song, but i really do love it. And some of the lines are especially nice. Plus it is a bit harder than she usually writes, so i’m glad she is expressing herself with other than rainbows and butterflies now.

  2. i love how nobody has addressed that this is mariah’s response to eminem.

  3. This song is fresh and new? So, Autotune mixed with repetitive R&B beats was never used before Mariah Carey? This bitch peddles the same shit. She sings like Toni Braxton and Janet Jackson, it’s all hymns and you can never understand half the words. She’s just awful.

  4. Hmmm, just as tiring and half-assed as all her crap.
    I cant stand her over use of every single type of vocal gymnastics in most songs and the boring uninspiring drivel she comes up with

  5. OMG – I love this song. Its so fresh and hot and i cant stop listening to it. Like Laz said i cant wait to be dancing to it in the clubs.

  6. You a mom and pop I’m a corporation
    I’m the press conference and you a conversation
    Lol Gotta love MC!

  7. I love this track!!! I laugh at that Windex line every time.

  8. way to go Laz lol.. this song is a stone winner! Next # 1 single 4sure 4sure! Kevin’s probably a Madonna fan 🙂

  9. Love it. and kevin like mimi says, youre mom and pop, shes a corporation, shes a press conference, youre a conversation. Squash.

  10. really, kevin? this is song in new, fresh and I will be seeing your gay ass, just like mine, dancing it up at the clubs! You’re delusional, you are losing your mind.. just like what MC says in the song!

  11. Oh God, you’re a lamb!
    Mariah Carey’s music has sucked for the last 10 years. She’s been peddling the same shit and it shocks me to realize she’s had 18 #1 hits in the US. The music industry really is in the shitter when a talentless crazy ass bitch can churn out the same repetative shit and it still sells.

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