!! OMG, they’re naked: The Guys from Porky’s !!

Though I’ve never seen Porky’s or any of the Porky’s sequels, I know that it was the highest grossing Canadian movie for nearly a quarter century after its 1982 release. Now you can skip all the boobies and just see the wieners of the horny boys from the film after the jump. NSFW.
Thanks CB!

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19 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The Guys from Porky’s"

  1. I agree. I thought because of his nickname, he’d have a bit more meat than he did.

  2. Small meat.

  3. Tiny meat.

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  6. Are you guys crazy! Tommy was the hottest one!

  7. Damn, that’s some hairy cock there! Sweet.

  8. I was way to young to watch the movie. I think I need to watch it now.

  9. OK – I was 28 in 1992 and absolutely LOVE OMG Blog. I was in HS when the movie came out. Meat was my favorite too.

  10. Sweet serendipity, that handsome young naked actor’s name is Rod Ball! Rod. Ball.
    “Porky’s” and its sequels would come around on HBO when I was just a li’l gay tyke, and I memorized every frame. If the parents weren’t home I did more than that.

  11. I remember staying up late to secretly watch this on HBO, while my parents were asleep, with the sound so low I had to nearly press my ear against the speaker.
    I was so surprised to actually see male frontal. I think I must’ve jacked off twelve times that night.

  12. hey dan, check your facts the movie came out in ’82…its an 80s classic, how could it be 92? anyway…HOT

  13. Nothing from the shower scene, weiner-in-the-hole?

  14. @ Dan – I was 22 in 1992 and I love OMGblog, so don’t feel bad!

  15. Oooops I meant 1982 and ’82. Does that ever make me look like an idiot. Oh, and to thevinylvillager, I can probably guarantee that MEAT is a grower. 🙂

  16. Dan, Porky’s came out in 1982 (the first one anyway)not 92. Sorry.
    Check the link. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084522/
    I agree Meat was one of my fantasies as well.

  17. Porky’s was released in 1982, not ’92. Which year were you a teenager, Dan?

  18. Porky’s came out in 1992 (the first one anyway). I was a teen ager in ’92 and TONY GANIOS was one of my hottest jack off fantasies. I wonder if he still looks as incredible. BTW I am probably one of your oldest OMG fans…sad eh?

  19. somehow I thought Meat would have more meat.

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