!! OMG, watch the new Mark Ronson video “Somebody To Love Me” !!

Attention ’80s nostalgia-philes: the highly incredible Mark Ronson/Boy George song “Somebody To Love Me” now has a wildly fun music video courtesy of director Saam Farahmand. The clip is styled like a home movie and transports viewers back in time to crazy house party from the Culture Club’s heyday.
The track features a cavalcade of gay and gay-ish collaborators in addition to George, including Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt, Cathy Dennis and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears. It’s one of the year’s best pop songs and easily one of Ronson’s best.

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6 Comments on "OMG, watch the new Mark Ronson video “Somebody To Love Me”"

  1. It’s not actually boy george BENT – it’s Diane Kruger from Inglorious basterds…………..

  2. I can see why they didn’t use the real Boy George. He’s old, fat and unattractive now. His current image would turn everyone off to what is a great song. But they definitely should have used a guy to play him. By using a girl they miss the whole point of Boy George. They should have used the guy who played George in that BBC movie.

  3. Love, love the song and video. I grew up in the 80’s and every scene brought back memories of hanging out and having a ball with my friends. AWESOME!!

  4. What a beautiful and sad song.
    I really liked the grainy home video feel of the video. Brought back memories of the rise to fame of Boy George and Culture Club as well as the New Wave movement I got to experience in my teens.
    Nostalgic and sad. Ahh youth…

  5. i get the re-creation of the less-than-perfect quality of vhs recording, but it’s overdone and becomes quite annoying.
    also.. if you couldn’t squeeze tubby old george into his old makeup and outfit, couldn’t they, at least, have found a BOY to play the part ???

  6. The song is great–but what a lame video! Who thought it was a clever idea to dress up some chick as Boy George, instead of actually using Boy George in the video??

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