!! OMG, She’s Going On Survivor: Carrie Prejean !!

Oh for heaven’s sake. I know I’m basically the last person on Earth still totally into Survivor (yes it’s still on!) but even this might be too much for me: rumors are circulating that Miss Topless Homophobe USA, “Opposite Marriage” opponent Carrie Prejean, has been selected as a castaway for next season. Well, maybe it will be worth it to see her eat worms or whatever…
[via Queerty]

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2 Comments on "OMG, She’s Going On Survivor: Carrie Prejean"

  1. There are many of us Survivor fanatics out here, it really is great entertainment in my view. I wouldn’t miss the season just because she’s going to be on there, it’s not like she’s winner material or anything. If I can endure two seasons of Russell, I can endure anything.

  2. I have never missed a season, but if this is true, I will boycott the show. I refuse to support this woman or her further march in celebrity.

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