!! OMG, new music for ’09: Gentleman Reg! !!

New music for ’09 week continues here at omgblog.com! Yesterday we had you raising your mood rings in the air with Lauren Flax and Sia and today you’ll be stompin’ your feet to “You Can’t Get It Back”, the rousing new single by Canada’s Albino Sweetheart, Gentleman Reg.
Technically this tune was released on limited edition 7-inch in December, but since it’s included on Reg’s forthcoming fourth LP Jet Black (due out on Arts & Crafts in the coming months), we’re considering it an Official Jam of 2009. I had the chance to see Reg live in Toronto a few weeks ago, and can report that he is sounding tighter and whiter than ever. He even melted all the boys’ (and dykes’) hearts with a beautiful cover of Chris Isaak’s hit song “Wicked Games”, which you too can enjoy after the jump.

DOWNLOAD “You Can’t Get It Back” by Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg performs “Wicked Games” at The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

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2 Comments on "OMG, new music for ’09: Gentleman Reg!"

  1. ‘we’re in a thunderstorm’ is my jam.

  2. i know this may be a stupid question. but i honestly can’t find a way to download this song from that link. (legally or illegally) can anybody help me. this is also true with the other awesome song featuring sia. i had to kickyoutube it.

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