!! OMG, new photos: “Magic Mike” bares even more skin !!

How much more excited can we get about “Magic Mike”?! The anticipation has been building — epically — ever since we learned that Channing Tatum planned to turn his former stripping career into a movie. But now that new stills are out showing even more skin than we’ve already seen in the trailer, I’d say we’re all about ready to explode with excitement. Amiright? Check out the safe-for-work shots after the jump.


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5 Comments on "OMG, new photos: “Magic Mike” bares even more skin"

  1. This movie will be a major box office flop and only play first run houses for about 2 weeks. However, there will be much money made from DVD once released.

  2. Matthew Mcwhatever totally creeps me out.

  3. In the first photo it looks like a little of “Little Mike” is poking against Channing’s sweat pants.

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