!! OMG, New York is halfway there !!

Gov. David Patterson of New York issued a statement today that New York will recognize gay marriages and unions that were performed in states where they are legal (including Canada). Good news for all those soon-to-be California newlyweds.
Starting June 17, when California marriages licenses will be issued to same-sex couples from all states, not just California, I think the airlines will get a welcome boost to their domestic service, at least on cross-continental tickets from New York, though really it would be easier to drive to Niagara Falls.

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2 Comments on "OMG, New York is halfway there"

  1. I’m really excited by all this, but would be more excited if it weren’t an election year. One thing about it though, we’ll know by December whether a majority of the country cares enough about the economy, the war, and the overall future of the middle class to vote based on issues of general importance; or if the idea of couples with like genitalia and a marriage license is more troubling to them than all that.
    I wonder if it still mostly goes back to too many Christians being only so informed about what is said to have happened at Sodom as to think the big problem there was backdoor sex, when it is laid out at length in the Bible that the big problem was being inhospitable to visitors.

  2. Yes, Toronto’s gay marriage industry is probably devastated by the California news.

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