!! OMG, no more sex outdoors !!

The local law enforcement of Provincetown, MA is committed to addressing the rising “problem” of public sex on its beaches, which has tripled in the last year and is traumatizing prudish whalewatchers and clueless out-of-town families alike.
Attention was drawn to the issue after a visiting New Jersey family wandering in the dunes allegedly saw “a large group of men having ‘sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open.'”
This reeks of a set-up to me. How clueless do you have to be to go traipsing around the dunes in P-Town looking for anything other than gay sex acts? Aren’t there plenty of other family-friendly beaches in the U.S. where they can find the nesting terns or whatever it is they were looking for?

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7 Comments on "OMG, no more sex outdoors"

  1. The father probably jerked off in his hotel room bathroom later that evening thinking about what he had seen. P-Town has gone down hill.

  2. these heterosexual hypocrites only love and accept they own assholes to be plunged…yet when two dudes want to plough a butt, society calls it sodom and gamorah lol
    gotta love it!

  3. While I’ve never personally had public sex on the beach in Ptown… I’ve enjoyed the show put on by others. Guess I’m gonna have to pay to see a legit show now. Shame.

  4. Either way public sex is disgraceful and disgusting.It doesn’t matter whether it is straight sex or gay sex. People should display a little bit of decorum instead of vying for the title “filth of society.”

  5. If they take away the public sex there’s no point in going back. LOL

  6. Yeah like what about all those crazy Jersey Shore sex orgies?

  7. I’m pretty sure they only started making fuss when they saw guys having “oral and anal sex alike”. Until then they didn’t mind.

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