!! OMG, no! Zac Efron shaves it all off !!

Approximately 46% of the reason to love Zac Efron is for his lucious, lion cub-esque mane of hair — forgetting, of course, that time it was a black gel-helmet for Hairspray. So now that Zac’s tresses are high and tight for his role in The Lucky One, I don’t know what to do with the remaining 54%. Tuck it away until I see more photos of him on the beach? Give it to Justin Bieber? Follow suit and get my own butch buzz? Oh, the agony.
[via dlisted]

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1 Comment on "OMG, no! Zac Efron shaves it all off"

  1. KennySantucciIsSexy | June 26, 2011 at 1:51 am | Reply

    I wasn’t expecting to see this when the title read “Shaves it all off”

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