!! OMG, number crunch: Out magazine’s love and sex survey !!

Out magazine’s February issue, in addition to featuring a smoochy Tom Ford, polled its readers for a love and sex survey. Here are some of the highlights:
> 44% slept with a woman before coming out
> 14% have had more than 100 one-night stands
> 1/3 lost their virginity before they were 17
> 29% masturbate daily
> Midwesterners are least likely to date outside of their race
> 18-25 year olds are most likely to always use a condom while 46-55 year olds have sex the most often
> 70% of those aged 55-65 own a sex toy
> Top six celebs responders most want to have sex with: Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cheyenne Jackson, Ricky Martin, James Franco, Zac Efron
> 10% have never been in love
> 32% have stayed in a relationship because the sex was good
> 1/10 have broken up with someone via text
> 51% have cheated
> 11% have been paid for sex
> And someone admitted to having sex in a doll museum

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