!! OMG, Oh-Mc-Queen: McQueen Men’s F/W 2013 !!

Filmed on what looks like a deconstructed war-time train carriage ballroom, McQueen’s F/W’13 collection starts off really blooming scary. It’s full of floor-length Al Capone pinstripe and severe fascist turtle-necks, offset -obviously- by the cute model boys’ faces; although they kind of make it scarier as these milky twelve-year-olds could totally decide your fashion fate.
The music and the fashionses soften-the-shit-out at about 5.50 where we see stained-glass-print house coats, floor-length dress-shirts,velveteen-polka-wrap-arounds and finally a black and gold-leaf Rorschach-print knee length jacket.
All-in-all the show goes from ‘burn them in the fire’ to ‘gin&tonics by the fire’, very LUXE INDEED.

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2 Comments on "OMG, Oh-Mc-Queen: McQueen Men’s F/W 2013"

  1. What the models must have been repeating to themselves over and over and over:
    “I am so thankful that I am being paid to parade around in these ridiculously hideous costumes that nobody will ever buy.”

  2. WTF! Ugly clothes worn by equally UGLY models who look as though they’ve just been released from a POW camp. Make it stop! Make them eat something I beg of you!

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