!! OMG, Oh My Goddard: Joe Goddard’s ‘She Burns’ [ft. Mara Carlyle] !!

Joe Goddard, that one with the bearded British balloon-head [we love his head btw] from Hot Chip has his very own album out later this year entitled ‘Taking Over’, which we cannot flipping wait for.
For now he’s enlisted the vocal talents of fellow Brit baloony Mara Carlyle in the new video entitled ‘She Burns’.
Amongst clangy pulses and Jesse Ware-esque vocals, Mara is seen lying in a white room with some very helpful personal dressers helping her into her GOLDEN SILKY CAPE-LETTE DRESS and brushing her long brown pubic hairs, I want that in the morning too, when I’m feeling too lazy to get up, just lie there whilst they make me look fab and all…oh, she’s dead, never mind…
[via stereogum]

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