!! OMG, oil is thicker than blood: ‘Dallas’ trailer !!

Big hats. Big hair. Big nipples on Jesse Metcalfe. TNT’s revamp of Dallas promises to deliver all the soapy goodness of the original (at least in theory)…but wouldn’t you rather be watching Joan Collins dripping in Alexis Bittar in a Dynasty follow-up? Me too.
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5 Comments on "OMG, oil is thicker than blood: ‘Dallas’ trailer"

  1. I think we can expect J.R. to play more of the role that Jock played in the early seasons of the original series. A “somewhat” sober second thought on the antics of the younger Ewings. It’s very unlikely they will have him bed a Holly Harwood in his 80s.

  2. This is going to be ratings gold! And yeah, I bet JR still gets the 20 year old chicks…that’s just how he is! Dynasty was VERY much locked into the timeframe it was done in, and I don’t think it can work again, but Dallas is timeless.

  3. Never watched the original, but I feel like part of the magic of this is including the actors who were so crucial to the original series. I, for one, cannot wait. (And, yeah, I’ll be happy to enjoy those enormous Jesse Metcalfe nipples, too.)

  4. Jesse Metcalf and that other guy look like they want to kiss each other, not that girl. Outside of that, who would want to watch a bunch of bed hopping senior citizens? Will there be 20-something girls thinking JR is hot at 80? This is an epic fail!

  5. So excited about this.
    And while Dynasty certainly had its moments, it was taking its cues from Dallas, but being way stupider. Dallas was by far the classier show, had the better back-story and the stronger characters. Unfortunately, when Dallas decided to take a cue from Dynasty, both shows started to falter.

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