!! OMG, One DirEGGsion: terrible 1D fan-art !!

My mom used to tell one of my sisters that because she ate so many baked beans, she would wake up one day as a giant baked bean…and never bothered telling her she was joking, so my sister of-course could barely get to sleep in the fear that she would wake up as a SOGGY TOMATO-BASED BEANY HOT MESS…poor little bean!
Well if One Direction ate too many of Edie’s ‘eggy-weggys’…they too would be destined for the breakfast frying pan.
As they are now eggs and no longer with us as people any more, we will have to make do with the lasting memory of the 1D boys through the medium of appalling fan-art drawn on spiral-bound ‘art-paper’…looking more like they were hit in the face WITH the breakfast frying pan!
“One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna sketch ya sketch ya sketch ya sketch
…I’ll sketch ya, I’ll sketch ya!”
[thanks kevin!]

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