!! OMG, “out on the wiley, windy moors”: Bushes in bloom !!

Kate Bush event 2[1].JPG
A new record was set in the UK not a few days back when all of a sudden in the middle of a Brighton park on a grassy hillock all these Bushes suddenly appeared and started prancing about like loony-pants.
Of course we are talking about Kate ‘Bushes’ as opposed to the shrub sort of bush, or any other sort of bush for that matter. More than 300 men and women donned long flowing crimson gowns and straight black wigs to attend a mass reenactment of Bush’s Wuthering Heights video.
This wutheringful event was organised by performance group Shambush, who’s invitational tutorial video [below] demonstrated to those intent on participating what sorts of moves might be expected from them on the wiley, windy moors that day:

[Thanks Kevin!]

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