!! OMG, part of your world: Prophet drowns during cleansing ceremony, family blame mermaids !!

Oh, this is some proper “Undah Da Sea” type shit!
A “self-styled prophet”, Simbarashe Kamupondera, drowned in the Ruwa River on Wednesday when he was swept away by a strong current during a cleansing ceremony in Epworth, Simbabwe! However, the family believes Simbarashe is still alive, and are claiming he was abducted by mermaids (known as Njuzu).

“Simbarashe came to stay with us a month ago. He has been telling us that he had a spirit of a mermaid. He also said that a prophet had prayed for a cloth that he gave him to always tie when getting into the waters. Yesterday he bought a new cloth after he had written his name on the old one saying that he could no longer use it. He tied it today before he got into the water,” Magma Mutingwende, Simbarashe’s sister-in-law said.
We believe that he was taken by a mermaid and we are not going to mourn him because we know that he is coming back,” Magma added.

GURRRL! I know da NILE runs deep, but get a GRIP! Somehow I don’t think it was Ariel this time. This all sounds a bit FISHY!
When a news crew arrived on the scene, Magma was already all packed up and getting ready to leave the river banks with her two friends who are also congregants of the small apostolic sect because it “was getting dark”.

“We have not told his wife as yet and we know that he is coming back.” Magma added.

…hopefully she catches this then. RIP Simbarashe!
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