!! OMG, Pile ‘o Puppies: One Direction’s Puppy Parlour !!

If there’s one thing cutererer than twinks with puppies, it’s twinks with puppies wearing Ralf Lauren sweaters.
I imagine they have totally opened up a puppy parlor and they will look after your furry friend for like $20 a day. What do you mean the puppy parlour is in the UK, I’ll just fly over and pick him up. Will Zayn be there [?] in that case it’s my turn to pick him up from the doggy day-care!
Unfortunately this was a temporary setup for a photo shoot that just came out in Wonderland‘s Obsessed Issue, more aptly named the Adorbs Issue.
I got very confused whilst watching this as the boys were so cute and the puppies were so cute that they kept doing a visual switcheroo, and i was positive at one point that I saw a Labrador stroking Liam, and i saw a small Louis sat on a doggie’s lap. Too much cute !

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  1. One Direction, puppies, and fashion?! *SWOON*

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