!! OMG, please give him a warm welcome: New blogger Phillip !!

As 2010 comes to end, we’re gearing up for a big change here at !! omg blog !!
Bmad will be leaving us after a successful run as our main writer, and Phillip (pictured above) will be coming on board (I would never say taking his place. Bmad, you’re irreplaceable!). You all have already seen a few posts from Phillip, but will be seeing much more starting in January.
Please join me in welcoming Phillip to the !! omg blog !! team. I’ll let him introduce himself now. Be nice to him!

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11 Comments on "OMG, please give him a warm welcome: New blogger Phillip"

  1. Welcome to the party, Phillip.
    Though I still miss Graydon terribly 🙁 God he was sexy, haha.

  2. Oh Phillip, I do hope you have an X-Tube channel!

  3. I’m going to miss Bmad! 🙁
    But Phillip looks cute so I think I’ll manage.

  4. hi Philip,
    welcome to the site
    I look forward to you sexy posts

  5. daaaaamn. looking good, phillip.

  6. Oh, I’m going to miss bmad!! But, welcome, Phillip.

  7. Phillip, bring lots of funny and lots more NSFW pics of male celebs! Welcome!

  8. THANK GOD!!!!!
    This BLOG SUCKS ever since Bmad took over. Looking forward to the change – hopefully this blog can regain some of its originality and relevance!

  9. Hello Phillip 🙂

  10. Phillip – welcome to blog life fine sir from your friends at Starcasm! We (heart) us some OMG so go on and fill dem big shoes…..
    – Darren O

  11. Sorry to see you go Bmad, but welcome Phillip!
    Brace yourself for the Hellstorm that is the followers of OMG! 🙂

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