!! OMG, pleating on the eye: Jaimee McKenna’s FW’13 CSM show !!

In my local scabby school -non-negotiably- the girls had to wear these dumpy pleated skirts to school, and we had to wear the school tie which was stripy black and gold…very Versace…knot!
Well designer Jaimee McKenna obviously loved her pleated obligatory high school night-terror and has created her Central St Martins FW runway show around the humble pleated skirt; utilising herringbone pleats, Tudor-esque shoulder hugging ruffs and LAMBSWOOL CONCERTINA CALF-LENGTH numbers in royal and navy blues, the former derived from “an ultramarine shade first post-war French artist Yves Klein“.

“I found an image from a 1950s Vogue of an elaborate pleated skirt that had such structure and presence”

Follow the jump to see the remainder of the concertina collection, I just hope this was the only inspiration she took from school, and trust she wasn’t serving tinned bean mixes and POWDERED SCHOOL DINNER MASHED POTATO back stage!

[via dezeen]

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  1. “Can you say FRUMPY?” — either she is going out of business or the versions for the showroom do not make the models look like blue clowns

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