!! OMG, Poor Ashley !!

It must be hard being a rich celebrity! The petite-nosed Ashlee Simpson has been cruelly fired from her “job” on Melrose place. First SNL, now this– LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!
Via Wow Report

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3 Comments on "OMG, Poor Ashley"

  1. i dunno! they could be written out cause they die, cause they’re the killers, or for reasons completely unrelated…

  2. This kinda ruins the “plot” of the show for us that are following it. ‘Course, from what I hear, they’re aren’t many. If these 2 are “eliminated”, what does that say for who the “mystery killer(s)” is/are?
    Studio could have at least waited until the storyline played out before announcing the end of the “cliffhanger”.

  3. She wasn’t exactly fired … she knew when she took the job that it was short term … Violet was never intended to last the full season. Colin Egglesfield, on the other hand, might feel a bit differently about Auggie getting evicted … but Ashlee new she was signing on for a temporary gig.

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