!! OMG poor guys: Large Penis Support Group !!

Some clever fellow who thinks a lot of himself has set up a “support group” site for well endowed men. Forum threads include “Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy”, “Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues” and “Sex With a Large Penis”. Oh lawd! You don’t need support, fellows! Just a tub of vaseline, a leather wallet for your partner to bite down on, and some patience! Just kidding…don’t use vaseline…it’s not condom safe!
It’s basically just a Facebook for your big wiener. Hey, come to think of it, is anyone working on Cockbook? Billion dollar idea! If anyone does it I’m going to sue and I’ve got this post to prove that I came up with it!
Maybe these guys should visit a vagina dentata and have their dilly bars shaved down like a pencil sharpener!
CLICK HERE to visit the truly NSFW LPSG.

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9 Comments on "OMG poor guys: Large Penis Support Group"

  1. It was set up originally as a joke and for a bit of fun. Just that some consider it seriously, guess the joke is on them. 🙂

  2. LPSG’s been around way before Facebook/Myspace/Friendster and is actually alot more informative than any of them.
    It’s honestly more than just “Hey, I’ve got a big cock.”

  3. Join us Thomas. You’ll be glad you did. 😀

  4. How nice- more opportunities for douchebags who are impressed with themselves for something they had no control over to faux “complain” while simultaneously patting themselves on the back.

  5. TattooedMamaMeg | January 19, 2008 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    I’m a member too… with Think_Kink. It’s fucking awesome. Why don’t you try it out? OH!!!… that’s right… you probably don’t qualify. 😛

  6. Yee it’s an awesome site! I’m a member. Don’t be hatin..

  7. One of the gayest men’s message boards I’ve ever seen — but I guess that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

  8. Ha, silly, this site’s been around for ages. There’s also its alternative, measurection.com. 🙂

  9. Exactly HOW did you find this site? Are you a member? 🙂

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